We use various hair colouring brands to cure premature grays or to change natural texture with new one. Different sorts of cosmetic companies introduce new and vibrant colouring or dying shades in the market. It is obvious for us to trust a brand that has occupied significant popularity in the market. But, almost every synthetic or ready-made hair dye consist harmful chemicals and noxious metals that can be very dangerous for one’s health. It is very important to know what is good and what is bad for our health. We easily get affected to the things that appear vibrant and appealing to eyes. The Instant colouring products contain high tendency of ammonia and PPD. They are common to such products because they effectively penetrate hair for a long time.

Ammonia is a very harmful chemical that is present in almost every synthetic dye. It is mixed with the colour to effectively open hair shafts and deeply penetrates colour and gives new and vibrant shade. On the other hand, PPD is used in Permanent hair colouring products for keeping the shade of a long time. Quantity of PPD varies, as dark colour requires high ratio and light colour needs low quantity.

Direct use of such harmful products may adversely affect your health. You may suffer from various skin allergies, redness, itchiness and dryness on skin. In addition, regular use weakens hair and also evaporates moisture and smoothness for scalp and you may suffer from hair falling, pre-age grays like problems. People usually need effective and safe remedies to cure grays. You may find chic colouring brands in the market that instantly hide your grays, but, it won’t give proper nourishment and vitamin at same time. But you can use ayurvedic hair colour that is the best and trust-able remedy to treat hair loss and graying like problem and its enriched components provide 100% nourishment from deep roots. We all know the benefits of herbs and ayurvedic remedies. They can immediately dyes hair without any side effect.


Today, people have started using enriched and safe Ayurvedic Hair colour for treating grays. The product is made only with essential oils and natural components. Different shades are obtained by using organic and herbal extracts and power like Heena, Beet root, Indigo, Black Tea, Orange, Sunflower etc. These components are used to create vibrant colours. On the other end, Enriched herbs are used to offer healthy, long and nourished hair.